GiftWell For
Other Events

Got other ideas? No worries! GiftWell is super versatile,
letting people contribute money for all types of occasions
through a secure, easy process for hosts and guests.

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GiftWell's endless options

The versatility of GiftWell's function means you can use it for just about any type of event, occasion or project!

Think Bar Mitzvahs, christenings, housewarmings, baby showers and more. Yeah, we love a celebration, but GiftWell can facilitate just about any need to gather funds, like pooling money for a group gift for a colleague. GiftWell's uses are only limited by your imagination!

Why create a GiftWell for your event?

Keep track of funds and contributors easier than ever before.

You'll have every message, donation and contributor within view. Contributors can have peace of mind with a convenient means of donating to a secure platform.

What People Say About Us

“When I fell pregnant for the second time, we already had so many toys and clothes at home that we really didn’t want more from the baby shower. With GiftWell we were able to buy what we actually needed this time around.”


Baby Shower

What People Say About Us

“Organising group presents in the office has previously been the job that no-one wants - but since we tried GiftWell, contributing to co-workers’ birthdays or send-offs doesn’t need a second thought.”


Group Gifting

What People Say About Us

“My partner and I moved in together last year and used GiftWell for our housewarming. We were then able to use the funds together to buy some bigger items we really needed.”



How It Works

Create your event and share your unique event code with your guests.

Guests download GiftWell for free, find your event, then send their gift and leave a personal message, all via the app! You'll be able to see all gifts and messages leading up to your event and receive all the funds in one lump sum in your account within two business days of your event.

Download now. It’s free!

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