GiftWell For Kids

Kids don't need a lot to be happy.
Say goodbye to #stuffocation and
say hello to a more meaningful #bigpresent
with the GiftWell app.

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A new approach to kids' party gifting

With every kids' party usually comes a tide of toys and gifts - but many of these aren't needed, and end up sitting unused in the back of a cupboard.

Studies show that too many toys can affect our kids' development, creativity and focus.

Set up a GiftWell for your child's next birthday and allow relatives and other parents to contribute gifts of money to a bigger present you know they'll love.

Offering a modern solution

Choosing to manage your gifts via GiftWell makes kids' parties a breeze.

No more dealing with wrapping paper, or trying to keep track of who gifted what - GiftWell sends your funds in one lump payment, along with a list of contributors for the birthday child to thank.

What People Say About Us

"I used GiftWell for my daughter’s birthday last year. A lot of parents said that GiftWell was super easy for them to use - it saved a lot of time for them not having to go to the shops and buy a present, and not worrying about what to buy the child as well."
Georgie | Kid's Birthday

What People Say About Us

"When we used GiftWell for my kids' birthdays, I found that they played with their presents more, and they appreciated them more too because they were bigger things they picked out themselves."
Amy | Kid's Birthday

What People Say About Us

"My son had his heart set on a guitar for his 8th birthday. It's not something that one person could gift on their own, but with a few people contributing to the GiftWell we set up, we were able to get him the guitar he now absolutely loves."
Rosie | Kid's Birthday

How It Works

Create your event and share your unique event code with your guests.

Guests download GiftWell for free, find your event, then send their gift and leave a personal message, all via the app! You'll be able to see all gifts and messages leading up to your event and receive all the funds in one lump sum in your account within two business days of your event.

Download now. It’s free!

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