What is GiftWell?

GiftWell (a mobile app) is a secure and convenient way to give and receive sums of money by way of a gift for an engagement,
wedding, birthday and any other event where a cash gift may be given.

How does GiftWell work?

Download GiftWell from here for iTunes or here for Google Play and see for yourself.

Here’s a snapshot of the key players:


A person hosting an event creates their event in the app by entering information required

GiftWell generates a unique code for that event

The host provides their guests with the unique GiftWell code for the event (usually included as one of the details on the invitation to the event)

The host can then view gifts being given in the lead up to the event, and receive the total gifts in one lump sum after the event has taken place


• Download GiftWell (if they do not already have the app)
• Search the app for the event using the event name or unique GiftWell code provided to them by the host
• Add the event to their list
• Give their cash gift via Stripe and write a personal message to the host
• Be able to see other guests in the event and read any messages that have been left

GiftWell will then process all gifts and deliver these to the host in one lump sum, as a deposit into the host’s nominated account.
GiftWell will also collate a list of all guests who gave (which will help with thank-yous) and their personal messages, and provide this to the host for their information/safe keeping.

What type of event can I use GiftWell for?

GiftWell can be used for all types of events, such as:

• Weddings
• Engagements
• Birthdays
• Religious celebrations
• Baby showers
• Fundraisers

For any event that requires a cash gift, GiftWell is the answer.

How much does GiftWell cost to use?

The GiftWell App is completely free to download and costs the event host nothing to use. Guests/gift givers pay $3 on top of their gifted amount, which covers administration and transaction fees.

How does GiftWell make money?

We don’t… yet. The $3 charged by GiftWell covers administration and processing fees.

Why do you charge a fee?

To cover administration, processing and transaction costs.

How do guests give gifts?

Once they have entered the unique GiftWell code of the event via the GiftWell app and added the event to their list, they tap on the “Give Now” button on the screen and proceed to enter the amount they would like to give as a gift and send the funds via Stripe.

How does the host receive the money that guests have contributed?

The funds appear in the host’s PayPal account within two business days after their event.

How long does it take for a gift amount to appear in my account?

Allow two business days.

As a host, why does it take two business days to receive my funds?

This is the time taken to process and collate all the payments and messages.

What are my guest's payment options?

GiftWell only accepts payments made via Stripe.

Do I need to create an account to give to an event?

No. All you need to do is download the app and you can then search for the event and add it to your list of events.

How do I give a gift?

Enter the amount you would like to give, write a personal message to the host, and make your gift via Stripe. Easy.

When are the funds taken from me if I am a guest?

Funds are taken at the time you give your gift via Stripe.

Make sure you enable push notifications so GiftWell can send you a reminder to give to the event in the days leading up to it.

When does the event close?

The event will close 12 hours after the event start time. For example, if the start time is specified as 6.30 p.m. on a Saturday in the app, the event will close at 6.30 a.m. the next day (Sunday morning).

This means guests can give at the last minute, or even after the event, if they need to.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, all your information is secure and protected.

As a host, what happens if a payment to me fails?

GiftWell will send reminders to your guests before the event to remind them to give to the event.

If a Stripe payment fails, the person making the payment will need to either use another card or top up their credit card account.