GiftWell For Birthdays

Wishing wells aren't just for weddings.
We've all got a wish list...

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The need for modern gifting for birthdays

Birthdays are a time to celebrate life's journey and special milestones.

Set up a GiftWell for your next birthday and allow your friends and family to contribute to something you really want. People just love putting in for a bigger gift, like a new bike for a child or an overseas trip for a 21 year old... It feels good to give and receive birthday money to go towards that perfect present!

Having an electronic wishing well

Choosing to manage your gifts via GiftWell means avoiding hassles on your big day; like keeping track of all the envelopes, and keeping cash safe at your event.

With GiftWell, there's no need to style a gifts table complete with a birdcage, or worry about hiring security or relying on a friend or family member to keep watch over the wishing well. Your guests won't have to worry about making sure their gift reaches you safely, and they'll have an easy way to send their gift and well-wishes if they are unable to attend on the day.

What People Say About Us

"I used GiftWell for my daughter’s birthday last year. A lot of parents said that GiftWell was super easy for them to use - it saved a lot of time for them not having to go to the shops and buy a present, and not worrying about what to buy the child as well."
Georgie | Kid's Birthday

What People Say About Us

“My husband just turned 60, and to be honest he already has everything he could ever want. Using GiftWell to collect cash gifts meant that we could send him on a trip to Europe like he always wanted, and that’s a present he’ll never forget.”
Tanya | Birthday

What People Say About Us

“Saving up for a car, I knew that my 18th would be a good opportunity to ask for help towards my car fund. It was so easy to collect gifts using GiftWell, and put this towards something I really wanted.”
Timothy | Birthday

How It Works

Create your event and share your unique event code with your guests.

Guests download GiftWell for free, find your event, then send their gift and leave a personal message, all via the app! You'll be able to see all gifts and messages leading up to your event and receive all the funds in one lump sum in your account within two business days of your event.

Download now. It’s free!

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